Why We Need Rules And Regulation

Every country has its own set of rules and regulation to follow. In order to protect people from terrorist and other people various laws imposed on entering into country. Due to increase in terrorism and also to ensure the safety of people they frame various laws. A law also imposed on imports and exports of trade in order to regulate smooth functioning of trade and also helps to protect countries resources. Without proper rules and regulations human life will get ruined. People move from one country to other countries due to various reasons like tourist, employee and so on. In order to safeguard them and also to prohibit the entry of illegal ones they framed rules and regulations. It is must for every country and may vary according to the nature of the country.

Visit Canada

Country like Canada also frames its own rules on immigration. People enter there for the purpose of job and also as tourist. Once upon a time it was easy to enter into Canada. Due to increase I terrorism and war between countries created more rules and regulations. They have to get visa in order to enter and also need citizenship for permanent immigration. For more information on Canada rules and regulations refer http://www.yearholiday.com/complications-and-development-of-entering-into-canada-all-that-you-need-to-know.html. We can also plan for holiday in Canada because we can see more amazing things and feel the beauty of the country. They treat tourist well in good manner. They evaluate various factors before your immigration. You have to qualify for that in order to enter Canada. You have to get tourist visa if you want to visit as tourist. Various laws framed in different sectors. Canada is a safe place to visit due to increase in terrorism, political issues people get fear to visit other countries. In order to overcome that, they framed rules and regulations for the safeguard of the people. It is also helpful for both insiders and outside people. For information on immigration refer immigration and refugee protection act which framed for the benefit of immigration of people to Canada. They welcome refugees and treat them as their own people.

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