Moldova – the place you can find best wines and best people

If you want to discover some unusual traditions and ethnic parts of its life, then you’re welcome to Moldova! Moldova is one of the smallest countries of Europe, yet it has a “mystical air”. There are a lot of interesting places to visit here. Churches and buildings dating from the medieval age, museums and theatres, and of course delicious gastronomical experiences – all of them will leave you in awe.  You don’t have to worry about a good place to stay, as you can easily find a good hotel in Moldova, especially in Chisinau, the capital.

Everything here inspires hospitality and you’ll be conquered by the view, but also the kindness of the people living in this country.You will find a lot of people with an open heart. You will discover the spirituality in every city that you will visit, from the smallest settlements to large cities. The culture of this place is so profound and rustic, that you’ll remember it for a long time: the melodies that will capture your soul, different types of national dances, the manual creations. Of course, if you don’t have the time or the energy to visit small settlements, you can still admire all of these elements, combined with great taste in design hotels in Moldova. Visiting the museums in Chisinau could also give you a nice insight, but you will feel it way better living in the middle of it.

Vineyards also constitute attractions for the tourists. Over centuries Moldova has gained rich traditions of growing grapes and wine production. There are 142 wineries in the Republic of Moldova. Here tourists can experience and learn about the complex production processes, see bottling and, of course, taste the final product. The Moldovan wine has a great reputation all around the world for its quality. You can visit any of the four regions for wine growing in the country (Balti, Codru, Purcari or Cahul), or you can simply enjoy a good wine with a delicious meal in the luxury hotels of Moldova. If you decide to choose some delicious wine for your friends, don’t miss the world’s largest wine cellars – MileștiiMici.

Moldova has a rich cultural history which may be of great interest to tourists. The earliest visible remains of the built heritage are the Geto-Dacian sites and Roman fortifications. The remains of medieval fortresses, archaeological complexes such as OrheiulVechi, cave monasteries and peasant houses offer a diversity of visitor attractions. Chisinau, the capital city, features a good number of cultural heritage monuments, fine examples of domestic architecture from the 19th and 20th centuries, which might be considered as tourist attractions as well. A lot of hotels in Chisinau are just as worthy to be visited, especially the design hotels – you’ll get a whole new experience of the Moldovan culture and architecture.

Part of the national tourist product is the variety of cultures represented in different parts of the country. The Republic of Moldova is an amalgam of many nationalities and cultures with many traditions, languages, folklore elements and types of cooking.  The gastronomical aspect will make a huge impact on the general impression about the country, so make sure you get to enjoy some of the finest meals this wonderful country could offer you. A 5-starhotel in Moldova, Chisinau is the best place to form an amazing first impression about the national cuisine. Then, you’ll come back for sure to taste it again.

Of course, just as any other place on the planet, the country has its advantages and disadvantages. However, a good plan for the trip, a person you trust to guide you and a nice place to stay are a nice ground for amazing memories. Make sure you remember only the best parts of this small, but beautiful country and enjoy the experience. Scratch travel map
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