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Pet friendly Hotels Villa Roncuzzi

In the last few years the relationship between man and domestic animals has become increasingly tight.If in the past dogs and cats were living a life outside of housing, dedicated to the activity guard or control mice, today they are mostly considered animals from disease. Nay, more: real members of the family.

For this reason, many people bring their pets with them during the summer holidays.

Until a few years ago hotels that could accommodate were very few dogs and cats, and then the owners were faced with a big problem: who to leave the puppy during the holidays?

In recent years the situation has changed. Many hotels have opened their doors to the animals, and now go on vacation with your dog or your cat is no longer a problem. Indeed, it is becoming a normal thing!

But what everyone shouldhave the pet friendly hotels to be sure that our four-legged friends spend a happy holiday? Pets can’t read, watch movies or surf the Internet, so they are bored. If immobility is a necessary condition during the journey, it may not be so during the entire stay at the hotel.

For this it is necessary that the accommodation has an open space for our animal friends. All the more reason for the dogs, who love the movement and especially playing on the grass with his master. Having an outdoor space inside the room is an ideal solution for the cat instead. This animal is solitary by nature, and thus does not like being taken for a walk. Having a space to stretch without being bothered for him is indispensable.

If you are planning your next holiday in Italy, our advice it is to choose Villa Roncuzziamongthe many pet friendly hotels available. Villa Roncuzziis a magnificent relais surrounded by nature in the province of Ravenna close to this city and that of Faenza. 800 This building, carefully restored keeping the stone arches and wooden beams, it consists of 22 rooms decorated with rich fabrics, artwork and elegant furnishings of the ’20s.

The large well-kept garden offers guests the opportunity to immerse themselves in the pool and sip a cocktail peacefully lying in the sun.


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