Moldova – the place you can find best wines and best people

If you want to discover some unusual traditions and ethnic parts of its life, then you’re welcome to Moldova! Moldova is one of the smallest countries of Europe, yet it has a “mystical air”. There are a lot of interesting places to visit here. Churches and buildings dating from the medieval age, museums and theatres, and of course delicious gastronomical experiences – all of them will leave you in awe.  You don’t have to worry about a good place to stay, as you can easily find a good hotel in Moldova, especially in Chisinau, the capital.

Everything here inspires hospitality and you’ll be conquered by the view, but also the kindness of the people living in this country.You will find a lot of people with an open heart. You will discover the spirituality in every city that you will visit, from the smallest settlements to large cities. The culture of this place is so profound and rustic, that you’ll remember it for a long time: the melodies that will capture your soul, different types of national dances, the manual creations. Of course, if you don’t have the time or the energy to visit small settlements, you can still admire all of these elements, combined with great taste in design hotels in Moldova. Visiting the museums in Chisinau could also give you a nice insight, but you will feel it way better living in the middle of it.

Vineyards also constitute attractions for the tourists. Over centuries Moldova has gained rich traditions of growing grapes and wine production. There are 142 wineries in the Republic of Moldova. Here tourists can experience and learn about the complex production processes, see bottling and, of course, taste the final product. The Moldovan wine has a great reputation all around the world for its quality. You can visit any of the four regions for wine growing in the country (Balti, Codru, Purcari or Cahul), or you can simply enjoy a good wine with a delicious meal in the luxury hotels of Moldova. If you decide to choose some delicious wine for your friends, don’t miss the world’s largest wine cellars – MileștiiMici.

Moldova has a rich cultural history which may be of great interest to tourists. The earliest visible remains of the built heritage are the Geto-Dacian sites and Roman fortifications. The remains of medieval fortresses, archaeological complexes such as OrheiulVechi, cave monasteries and peasant houses offer a diversity of visitor attractions. Chisinau, the capital city, features a good number of cultural heritage monuments, fine examples of domestic architecture from the 19th and 20th centuries, which might be considered as tourist attractions as well. A lot of hotels in Chisinau are just as worthy to be visited, especially the design hotels – you’ll get a whole new experience of the Moldovan culture and architecture.

Part of the national tourist product is the variety of cultures represented in different parts of the country. The Republic of Moldova is an amalgam of many nationalities and cultures with many traditions, languages, folklore elements and types of cooking.  The gastronomical aspect will make a huge impact on the general impression about the country, so make sure you get to enjoy some of the finest meals this wonderful country could offer you. A 5-starhotel in Moldova, Chisinau is the best place to form an amazing first impression about the national cuisine. Then, you’ll come back for sure to taste it again.

Of course, just as any other place on the planet, the country has its advantages and disadvantages. However, a good plan for the trip, a person you trust to guide you and a nice place to stay are a nice ground for amazing memories. Make sure you remember only the best parts of this small, but beautiful country and enjoy the experience. Scratch travel map
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Gastronomic destinations in Spain

Spain in itself is one of the most recognised destinations in the world for its exquisite gastronomy that is healthy, varied, culturally diverse and fun. However, within Spain, there are many corners, cities and small villages that are a cut above the rest. Without devaluing any and knowing that we will fail to mention lots, below is a mini list of gastronomic destinations in Spain you should not miss out on visiting.

Madrid.-The undisputable capital of vermouth on Saturdays, calamari sandwiches and cuisine par excellence. In Madrid you eat, and you eat well (at a good price). It’s true that you have to do more research and, if you can, it’s better to go with a local to discover trendy places with a good quality to price ratio, however sometimes you have to let the chips fall where they may. At the end of the day, you can find delicious tapas and servings; all types of international cuisine and authentic traditional restaurants anywhere in the capital. The best thing to do is book a hotel in the centre, like Iberostar Las Letras (near to the most classic pubs in the Los Poetas neighbourhood) or Petit Palace Mayor Plaza, in the Plaza Mayor.

Cádiz. Even reading about Cadiz is enough to make your mouth water. Or not? Well, there’s no better place to try the freshest and most delicious fried fish (along with shrimp) than at Tacita de Plata. Drinking beer after beer, in front of infinite beaches and waves that invite you to surf, Cadiz invites visitors to try marinated dogfish, mackerel with pipirrana, shrimp tortillitas, tuna in tomato and potatoes.

Salamanca.-Because you cannot say you have tried Spanish food without having visited the bars in the Plaza Mayor of Salamanca: there’s no better place to try cold cuts and ensaladilla rusa en palomita, costillejas, cochifrito, atraditional hornazo pastry and meat stews. All of these served with Toro wine.

Asturias. If you have chosen Asturias as a holiday destination, then go on an empty stomach because you are going to find out what it is to eat; in quantity and quality. The best example of eating well in Asturias is the cachopo: 2 giant beef fillets stuffed with ham and cheese, breaded in eggs and breadcrumbs, served garnished with potatoes and, sometimes, salad. Apart from cachopo, other must-try dishes are fabes with compango and pitu de Caleya.

Galicia. From north to south, Galicia is pure food. In Galicia, eating is life. If you stay in either of these places, both located on the Atlantic coast, you should try the goose barnacles with Spanish omelette in A Coruña, oysters and lobster with rice in the Rías Baixas. For seafood, head to O Grove. For meat and stews, Lugo. For octopus, O Carballiño, in Ourense.

Barcelona. Fresh, light and completely mediterranean. The food in Barcelona is perfect for sharing: there are traditional bars where you can try the typical breakfast: pa amb tomaca, have an escalivada aperitif, try the butifarra con mongetes and, if it’s the season for it, try the famous calçots. If you stay in a hotel likePetit Palace Boquería Garden you’ll be a stone’s throw away from the market of La Boquería which is an authentic world of aroma and flavour.

Seville. If you have read up to here, it’s because you have been missing this place. This is normal as this Andalusian capital combines the best gastronomy of its neighbouring provinces, some of which are staples of Spanish cooking like salmorejo and moraga de sardinas. In Seville it is very popular to order tapas in order to be able to try everything, although they’ll come in small bites. In addition to this, the true spirit of the city resides here, in the bars and on the terraces. To experience this easily, choose a hotel in the centre. Choose Hotel Murillo orPetit Palace Marqués de Santa Ana, near the cathedral.

Publisuites Garden Natural spots in the south of Spain

The south of Spain hides many secrets when being one of the most touristic places to visit all year thanks to it exceptional sunny all-year-round climate. There, between the coasts of Cadiz, Huelva, Malaga and the mountains and deserts of Almeria, you can visit breathtaking natural spaces that allow us to appreciate the full scale of a territory that has reserved its wealth, even with the popularity of mass tourism.

A place considered to boast some of the most beautiful natural landscapes in Spain is Tajo de Ronda, found in the province of Malaga. This tajo (steep cliff) specifically gets its name from an opening in the mountain created by the erosion of the Guadalevín river that runs through the city of Ronda. This 100 metre tall ravine or gorge has been maintained by adding a pretty bridge connecting the two zones of the city, like a kind of aqueduct. From up top you can appreciate one of the most beautiful panoramic views of Ronda which is, in itself, a stunning city in which to get yourself lost.

Moving on from province to province, we arrive at Jaen to talk about the Cazorla Segura y Las Villas Nature Reserve Mountain Range, covering over 200,000 hectares of beautiful protected areas. Recognised as a Biosphere Reserve with its impressive wealth of varied flora and fauna. It covers a lot of space, is very accessible and integrates many towns making it worth the visit if you like nature and enjoy discovering the typical customs of the south of Spain.

There is another zone capable of surprising even the most travelled visitor hidden away in Almeria. This is the Cabo de Gata – Níjar Natural Park, famous for both its desert areas like its spectacular Mediterranean coves and beaches, which are practically untouched and conserved even with the large influx of tourists that regularly head to this Andalusian coastal spot. It is considered one of the driest, most incredible spots in all Europe, the reason for why so many people come from all over the continent for a visit. The uniqueness and variety of the fauna and flora also makes for a great attraction.

It is impossible to write a list of the best natural spots in the south of Spain without naming the  Doñana National Park as one of them. Even though this year has seen to be on the verge of one of the worst fires in history, the park remains intact, spectacular and flourishing. This is one of the largest zones of native wild nature in mainland Spain. A place of reference for bird-watchers and those who love nature holidays. It spans across the territories of Huelva, Cadiz, Seville and boasts nearby extensive sandy beaches, made for incredible summers.

Leading on from the endless beaches to the millennial mountains offered by the Grazalema Mountain Range, a place where time seems to stop and the rhythm of these traditional villages hidden between hills and valleys is paused. Located between Cadiz and Malaga, it’s a spot for those who opt for these provinces as holiday destinations. The highest peak of this symbolic mountain range in the south of Spain is Pinar, from which you can see all of the surrounding landscape.

The most interesting spots for organising holidays and discovering different natural zones in Andalusia are Huelva and Almeria, covering the east and west. In the case of Huelva, there are places like the Flecha del Rompideo where it’s considered a privilege to stay there. There are not a lot of hotels but the ones there are excellent, like the adults-only  Garden Playanatural Hotel & Spa. The same goes for the Cabo de Gata – Níjar Park, where the same hotel chain, Garden Hotels, boasts two resorts with a good price to quality combination:  Cabogata Garden Hotel & Spa and its near twin Cabogata Mar Garden.

Unique corners to visit in Mallorca

If you have decided that this year you are going to give yourself a holiday on the shores of the Mediterranean and that your destination is Mallorca, we present some of the most charming places on this unique island. Find a well-located accommodation, rent a car or motorbike that allows you to move easily from one point to another, leave your comfort zone and jump into the adventure. You will see a Mallorca that you have never imagined.

Palma.- Although it is the capital and from here you can move to any point on the island, accommodation in the centre of the city is not recommended if you want to enjoy the sun, the beaches and the nature on the island. Palma is more suitable for a winter break but if you decide to visit for the day do not forget to stop by the taverns and Mercat del Olivar, next to the Plaza de España (in the heart of Palma, next to its old town). Behind those bars that you find among the stands of vegetables you can try the typical mallorcan delights, for example its traditional tapas. One of the most authentic plans in Mallorca’s capital.

Calas de Maioris.- In order to sunbathe on these rocky coves which open up into the sea you will have to leave your car in the residential area of Maioris, in Llucmajor, very close to the area of ​​S’Arenal and Playa de Palma. Walk towards the sea and there you will find accesses that lead you through winding paths that the cliffs have drawn. With a spectacular natural beauty, this area of ​​hidden coves is ideal for those who want to enjoy the Isla de la Calma.

Playa de Muro.- A destination on Mallorca that is not touristy and offers amazing corners to discover. Proof of this is that residents are habitual in this area and every weekend, those who live in Palma or other areas of the island usually head north and find their beaches and bars. You can enjoy a paella on the beach with your feet in the sand, while you are refreshed by the breeze and listen to the sound of the waves. There is a lot of interesting accommodation in this area for for groups of friends as well as for couples and families. Some hotels are practically on the beach and you will have all kinds of services within easy reach.

Can Picafort.- This area that is practically part of Playa de Muro, Ses Casetes des Capellans you will find a great beach area to relax on and enjoy a quiet sunny day. A little further walking through the village, there is another oasis where you should eat with friends or family and enjoy a dip in the sea: it is called Marypaz and the place is one of the usual local hangouts. In recent years it has become chill out bar  where people dance until sunset with a mojito in hand. The atmosphere is the best and the views over the sea are truely breathtaking.

Cala Millor.- Nature and peaceful holidays framed by the blue of the sea, the white of its fine sand and the greenery of its pine forests. The coast of Cala Millor hides some authentic jewels in which to enjoy a romantic break. With a good part of its coast considered a Nature Reserve, do not forget to visit and take an excursion to Punta de N’Amer and its castle, from which you will have panoramic views of the coast.

Cala Figuera.- One of the most charming fishing villages that can be found on Mallorca. It has perfectly preserved all its traditional aspects, its houses, its piers … Now dedicated almost exclusively to tourism, but to a types of tourism that is active and very respectful in regards to the environment. A good place to go for a walk on an afternoon and end up having dinner by the sea.

Mallorca has a climate in summer that will allow you pack a very light suitcase. Temperatures do not usually drop below 20-15 degrees and there are sometimes heat waves, so no jackets, sweaters or sweatshirts: only shorts and bikinis and go straight to the beach. For accommodation, look in the north because there are good hotels with many services and at very competitive prices.

You can also choose from hotel chains, as here you can find some of the best in Spain. For example, for couples, groups of friends and families, IBEROSTAR Hotels & Resorts or Garden Hotels are good places to start. In the north, the Garden Holiday Village, IBEROSTAR Playa de Muro, The Sea Hotel by Grupotel … And in the east, the Cala Millor Garden Hotel or Protur Hotels in Sa Coma.

The hidden paradise on the coast of Almeria

Almeria is a magical place that very few people know about. Apart from being one of the most touristic areas for travellers looking for the sun and beach, the region is a mystery for many. There mother nature hides unique places where the contrast of sea and desert creates an authentic setting for cinema. For many, this region is a mecca for the Spaghetti Western. But we aren’t going to discuss the arid countryside in today’s article but instead the lush, green landscape you will find here. We will go to the southern coast of Almeria and the Cabo de Gata Natural Park – Nijar.


This mediterranean paradise covers 460km2 of the municipality of Níjar, on the shores, wrapped in that unmistakable breeze that caresses the almerian coast. It was officially declared a Natural Park in 1987 because it is one of the zones most at risk with endangered animals that need protection.


However, it is not only the quantity and diversity of flora and fauna that exists in Cabo de Gata but also it is one of the most interesting places of volcanic origin to visit. As already mentioned, it combines areas of great aridity with Mediterranean vegetation that grows at the edge of the sea or in dense forests. An truly unique ecosystem, where the focus are the cliffs that stretch like works of art, 60km along the coast.


It’s important to underline that the classification of Cabo de Gata is not only a Natural Park on land but also below the waves the nature is also at risk. The currents that flow between northern Africa and the coast of Almeria means that many species that are not found anywhere else in the world, live here.


You can not talk about the seabed of Cabo de Gata without mentioning the oceanic Posidonia, which is responsible for conserving the waters of this coast with that turquoise colour and that pristine and aspect that is so typical of the Mediterranean.


Yes, nature has done wonders in Cabo de Gata but so has man. Although in some cases the construction has been perceived as undesirable, it has been of great help in maintaining the landscape, implementing economic  and productive activities that have turned out to be another reason for tourists to visit. The perfect example of this is the salineras, located on the coast, provide the best place to watch the sun go down. Other postcard worthy points of interest when visiting Cabo de Gata are the lighthouse and the Reef of Las Sirenas.


If you want to know more, we recommend you take advantage of the Easter holiday and getaway to this special part of Spain. You can disconnect, relax, enjoy the sunshine, play sports outdoors or on the beach and return home with unforgettable memories.


Enquire beforehand about the availability of the hotels close to Cabo de Gata. The lodging areas closest to the park are those of Retamar and El Toyo. There you will find some very good hotels for a reasonable price that will allow you to enjoy the incredible surroundings and provide you with many options for things to do. You can’t go wrong with Cabodegata Mar Garden Hotel & Spa, one of the most luxurious 4-star hotels of the Garden Hotels chain. Visit the official website and find yourself the best prices online.

City Centre Deira

Some time ago we talked about the BurJuman Shopping Mall and today we want to introduce one more option: City Centre Deira. This is another mall nearby the Arabian Courtyard Hotel & Spa, we have a map on our official website or you can ask to our staff at the reception desk.


The City Centre Deira have a wide range offer of shopping, entertainment, dining and many other services designed for family fun and needs. It was launched in 1995 and after its opening the concept of mall in Dubai turned into a new one. It holds an ample and varied amount of facilities.


Shopping: over 370 stores offering books, toys and games,  electronics, music, fashion (ladies and men), accessories, jewellery, lingerie, retail outlets, leather, children and maternity, perfumes and cosmetics, household items and furniture, children attractions, optics, pharmacies, health & beauty, sports, fitness, specialty stores, hypermarkets and much more to satisfy customers.


Dining: over 60 dining options to enjoy the best culinary delights; customers have several choices: fast food, cafés, restaurants, pastry shops and ice-creams. Visitors will find both national and international gastronomy.



-Cinemas: 12 screens with perfect surround sound technology. Families can enjoy the most popular movies.

-Magic Planet: the latest games, rides and attractions for adults and children. Multiplayer and online games at your disposal.


Services: banks, car rental, money exchange, free Wi-Fi, tourist information, City Centre Clinic, gift cards (possibility to choose a gift at any store, cinema or restaurant).


Apart from the services and facilities above-mentioned, the mall also features an 11-storey office building known as the MAF Tower.


Our 4-star themed city resort opens its doors to a world of fun, fitness, shopping and gastronomy through the City Centre Deira, a mall created to cover family demands.

The mall is among the most visited places for both locals and tourists.


Guests who love malls, stores and shopping will find their ideal accommodation at the Arabian Courtyard Hotel & Spa. You will find additional information on our official website.

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