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Tips For Chinese Traveler To Select Hotels

China has already filled in Japan and ends up being the No. 1 outgoing tourist market. As per a research performed by World Travel Organization, there will be 100 million Chinese travels abroad in 2020. Air Conditioning Nielsen and Pacific Asia Travel Association likewise point that the cost of Chinese outgoing traveler is close to ¥ 21,000 ($ 3,300). Among all the tourist locations, Europe offers best to Chinese travelers, Chinese spend $5,252 per individual averagely in Europe. The report from Air Conditioner Nielsen likewise reveals that Chinese travelers like a high level of hotels quite. One in 3 of them will select four-star hotels and one tenth of them will opt to remain in the 5-star hotel. It is a good idea to set up a travel agency in china and earn huge profits.


How Chinese Traveler Select Hotels

According to “A Study of Accommodations Preferences of Chinese Outbound Tourists”, which covers Chinese travelers of self-service travelers, group travellers, all series of ages, and different sort of functions? The significant 5 issues of Chinese travelers are practical transport, security, business, environment factor, and cost.


According to the table, we can see security is the no. 1 issue for Chinese outgoing travelers. 87% of the interviewees put security as successor top priority.

One possible factor is that the majority of Chinese outgoing travelers take a trip aboard for the very first time. According to the information from “Wu’ than Night”, there are 4.5 million travelers from 57.4 million Chinese travelers taking a trip for the very first time.

Practical Transportation

The second concern is practical to transport. Hassle-free transport is crucial to all the travelers around the world. Chinese travelers are the same, what’s more, the majority of them are still not that advanced in English that makes practical transport a lot more essential.

Cost Factor

Rate naturally is essential to outgoing travelers from China where individuals are quite a conscious rate. Customers coming straight from Chinese are extremely cost delicate buyers. Throughout the renowned festival known as “Qingming”, the Chinese consumers expend more than one sixty percent in Lotte shopping complex throughout the concession time than normal.

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