Applying for ETA Visa

visa_australia_eta_home_image1With almost every aspect going global these days, education too has gone global. These days one can observe many students of various ages going abroad to pursue education in different fields for different durations. These education courses range from 3-6 months to 1-2 years. Though there are many avenues to pursue education abroad, one of the most sort after country is Australia. In addition to various tourist destinations, Australia is a house for many reputed universities and colleges that offer a wide range of courses that match different interests. However, here are some of the broad benefits of studying in Australia:

  • Majority of the Universities in Australia are widely recognized and are known for providing some of the best courses that are unique and one of its kind
  • When studying abroad, many have concern of being alone in a new land. However, when in Australia there is no need to feel so as the country every year attracts nearly millions of students and therefore, there is all possibility of interacting and making friends
  • With more than 40 Universities and hundreds of courses you have a wide range of choice. In addition, almost every university has many scholarship programs that help the students to lessen their fees as well.
  • Majority of the times, while opting for studying abroad, another concern is language. Some of the countries like Germany and others don’t use much of English. However, in Australia there is no such problem as English is one of the local languages and makes it easy to communicate.
  • Unlike other countries, the weather is Australia is extremely conducive. In addition, students who cannot afford or cannot manage to travel back to their house during vacations, there are many options in and around Australia to explore in an economical way.

With so many benefits one of the other major benefit is acquiring Visa. Students aspiring for studying in Australia can apply for a student visa or an ETA Australia Visa. The procedure of acquiring student visa is quite known. However, the addition is ETA Australia Visa. ETA (Electronic Travel Authority) is a type of visa that is given for short span i.e. for 3 months wherein this authorization is done by digitally linking your passport. ETA Australia can be taken multiple times in a year but is always released for 3 months duration only. This visa can be obtained by following a simple procedure online. This visa is extremely good for students who wish to do short courses and also for the students who also wish to pursue some other courses too around Australia. This visa permits to travel around and get back to Australia from any country. This visa can also be availed by hiring a travel agency who would fasten the procedure. There are many agencies who cater to getting visa for students. However, students while choosing visa agents need to be extremely careful as there are incidents wherein fake agencies have duped students in the name of visa. Therefore, before opting for visa agents to get your visa, meet and cross check their credibility.

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