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Publisuites Garden Natural spots in the south of Spain

The south of Spain hides many secrets when being one of the most touristic places to visit all year thanks to it exceptional sunny all-year-round climate. There, between the coasts of Cadiz, Huelva, Malaga and the mountains and deserts of Almeria, you can visit breathtaking natural spaces that allow us to appreciate the full scale of a territory that has reserved its wealth, even with the popularity of mass tourism.

A place considered to boast some of the most beautiful natural landscapes in Spain is Tajo de Ronda, found in the province of Malaga. This tajo (steep cliff) specifically gets its name from an opening in the mountain created by the erosion of the Guadalevín river that runs through the city of Ronda. This 100 metre tall ravine or gorge has been maintained by adding a pretty bridge connecting the two zones of the city, like a kind of aqueduct. From up top you can appreciate one of the most beautiful panoramic views of Ronda which is, in itself, a stunning city in which to get yourself lost.

Moving on from province to province, we arrive at Jaen to talk about the Cazorla Segura y Las Villas Nature Reserve Mountain Range, covering over 200,000 hectares of beautiful protected areas. Recognised as a Biosphere Reserve with its impressive wealth of varied flora and fauna. It covers a lot of space, is very accessible and integrates many towns making it worth the visit if you like nature and enjoy discovering the typical customs of the south of Spain.

There is another zone capable of surprising even the most travelled visitor hidden away in Almeria. This is the Cabo de Gata – Níjar Natural Park, famous for both its desert areas like its spectacular Mediterranean coves and beaches, which are practically untouched and conserved even with the large influx of tourists that regularly head to this Andalusian coastal spot. It is considered one of the driest, most incredible spots in all Europe, the reason for why so many people come from all over the continent for a visit. The uniqueness and variety of the fauna and flora also makes for a great attraction.

It is impossible to write a list of the best natural spots in the south of Spain without naming the  Doñana National Park as one of them. Even though this year has seen to be on the verge of one of the worst fires in history, the park remains intact, spectacular and flourishing. This is one of the largest zones of native wild nature in mainland Spain. A place of reference for bird-watchers and those who love nature holidays. It spans across the territories of Huelva, Cadiz, Seville and boasts nearby extensive sandy beaches, made for incredible summers.

Leading on from the endless beaches to the millennial mountains offered by the Grazalema Mountain Range, a place where time seems to stop and the rhythm of these traditional villages hidden between hills and valleys is paused. Located between Cadiz and Malaga, it’s a spot for those who opt for these provinces as holiday destinations. The highest peak of this symbolic mountain range in the south of Spain is Pinar, from which you can see all of the surrounding landscape.

The most interesting spots for organising holidays and discovering different natural zones in Andalusia are Huelva and Almeria, covering the east and west. In the case of Huelva, there are places like the Flecha del Rompideo where it’s considered a privilege to stay there. There are not a lot of hotels but the ones there are excellent, like the adults-only  Garden Playanatural Hotel & Spa. The same goes for the Cabo de Gata – Níjar Park, where the same hotel chain, Garden Hotels, boasts two resorts with a good price to quality combination:  Cabogata Garden Hotel & Spa and its near twin Cabogata Mar Garden.

Ways to entertain your kids

Kids have a lot of energy. They love having as many activities as they can but parents sometimes can’t keep up, so what can we do to entertain our kids and also have a good times ourselves?

It is perfectly understandable to reach at the end of your powers and sometimes just call it a day and do nothing else, but having kids means a lot of different things you have to do with them. If possible, all they would want to do is eat, play, sleep and repeat. The above is a pretty simple sum up of a kid’s perfect life, but it is rather difficult to put in practice as many of us know.  In the rows below we’ll try to describe a few ways to have fun with your kids, how to entertain them in a simple way that will not exhaust you.

First up, it’s swimming. How about taking you baby to the pool for a water splash? If the pool is not covered you do depend of sunny days and warm weather, depending where you live, but if the pool is covered then you have absolutely no limitations. Try to schedule a swimming day at least once a week and it is very likely that your kid will love it, that is if you make it a fun day and not just the regular swimming routing. Bring water toys with you and have fun together, but be sure to always pay attention to what your kid is doing as pools can also be dangerous.

Next up on the list is walking through scenic parks or visiting theme parks if you live in an urbanized area. This can be a great way to do things with the kids as you will explore the relaxing breeze of nature or have fun in a family friendly theme park. If you don’t know any theme parks and don’t know where to go, check-out for a comprehensive database of locations and activities that you can do with kids categorized by age group. Offering the best of what the world has to offer in terms of family entertainment and family days out attractions to your kids is now only at a click away thanks to the latest developments in technology so you better stay up to date.

If the weather simply does not allow for a family day out, then focus on what you can do within your home and here there are also many possibilities such as treasure baskets or even bubble blowing.

It is up to you to choose the best ways to entertain your kids, but hopefully the above will be of help to you and your family because having fun with the kids can create some of the best memories of your life, and as the saying goes: collect memories not things.

The Best Guide To Food And Hygiene

The two most important and correlated things are food and hygiene. Every individual must have good food and maintain hygiene. It is a foremost thing that you look after the standards of living of your life. It evaluates your lifestyle and makes your mark in the society. You need not be very wealthy but these two can buy you admiration. When it comes to serving guests and maintaining a good home there are a lot of difficulties. We have the best solution of all times for you right here.

The food

Food is one of the most delicate things in any event. It is essential that the food is absolutely delicious as it holds a huge count for the guests. Every host would love to be praised for their food. If you are organizing any such party or event you can contact the FFP Catering. They provide very knowledgeable corporate catering services. Their corporate catering grabs attention of office staff, employees, business partner or clients in an instant. You will be absolutely satisfied with their efficiency. Their food tickles every taste bud and has superior quality service. They also have the option of hiring personal chef who shall make recommendation regarding your food menu based on your budget.

The pest control

Hygiene is not a luxury but a necessity. It prevents from falling ill and helps every person maintain a healthy life. The Absolute Pest Care Pte Ltd is very knowledgeable pest control Singapore. They have tailored made management consultation and services. They have NEA trained and well equipped staff who provide 24 hour services. They will make sure that by using safe and effective methods all your residential, commercial and industrial properties are pest free. So, you can sleep tension free. Just call them on their number in times of need.

The rat issue

The rat breeding problem is quite common. They cause dangerous diseases like TB, E.coli, Salmonella, and Weil’s disease etc. There are different types of rats among which few are more aggressive and cannot be driven out by simple methods. They damage wood and plastic things by their teeth, leave distinct smell like ammonia, rip food packing and contaminate food and also leave droppings around the house. If you find any sign of presence of rat contact the very knowledgeable rat control Singapore, the Absolute pest Care Pte Ltd.

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